Emulsion Fuel

Fuel Cost Savings up to 15%

Taking advantage of more recent developments in nanotechnology, NAI emulsifies diesel and heavy fuel oil to create a significantly more efficient, cleaner burning fuel. NAI Fuel® is proven to save up to 15% in overall fuel costs.

lab pic

When our emulsified fuel burns, the water droplets in the fuel suddenly rise in temperature, expanding and atomizing the surrounding oil into diffuse minute particles.  As a result, the combustible surface area of the oil particles and air increases considerably, which leads to more complete, more efficient, and more powerful fuel combustion.  NAI Fuel® not only will reduce fuel costs up to 15%, but will also reduce the emission of harmful pollutants as noted in the graphs below.

Harmful Emission Reduction

NAI combines innovative, alternative energy technology and know-how to produce NAI Fuel®, which not only greatly reduces fuel and maintenance costs, but also significantly reduces harmful pollutants—and burns as clean as natural gas and cleaner than biodiesel.*